Angelina thinks she isn’t a perfect parent

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American actress Angelina Jolie unveiled her deep her for her children. She stresses the importance of her children and what is their impact on her life. Verily, from her words, it’s clear that her life is meaningless without these kids and they carry a deep meaning for her. Angelina thinks she isn’t a perfect parent:

The forty-six-year-old added that: “As time goes on, I find it difficult to deal with them. Because it’s challenging to give them equal attention and time. They are growing up and their demands are turning different.”

Additionally, she passed some good compliments on her children. Her children; Maddox,20, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and 13-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox are extremely loving and caring with her. In fact, they are having deep care and love. Angelina thinks she isn’t a perfect parent:

Moreover, she added, “I am not the head of anything. We are having equal prestige and I don’t like such a bossy attitude. I love to live in a friendly environment, where we can share our feelings and emotions freely. Thus, the purpose is not to defame them but to give them some extra potential.”

Besides, Angelina said, her children carry different choices and tastes. They are all different and seem like there are six different humans at my house. But I always try to empower them in such a way so that they could figure out their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s amazing to leave a child so that he/she figure out the best in himself/herself.

Despite all these, Angelina thinks she is not doing well sometimes. She said, often j think that what I am doing is right or wrong? This might be because of overcaring and extreme love and respect. She feels fear that she might not deal with inequality.

Lastly, she added that her children are so loving and humble. She loves the way they treat her and the way they respect her. Further, she added, that their love is beyond explanation. It gives peace to my mind. I’m not a perfect parent by any means: Angelina Jolie:

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