Apple is Planning to bring to entry-level AirPods and Second Generation AirPods Pro

Apple is trying to bring it’s entry-level AirPods  for this year and second generation Airpods Pro for the next year, according to the teasers.

The new Airpods will mark the first update to the product from March 2019 and a new design will add to the product which is more similar to AirPods pro. The earbuds brings a new case which has shorter stems at the bottom. This will be the first change in the product AirPods Pro since October 2019 and also include latest motion sensors focusing fitness tracking, but the name are still unknown due to some privacy.

Bloomberg news told in a report in 2020 that Apple was launching AirPods Pro at the start of the year. The launching of new wireless Airbuds range will boost the companys wearables, home and accessories segments which has grown rapidly for more than $30 billion (2,17,560 crores) in total revenue, exceeding 10 percent of it’s total sale.

The last AirPods from Apple was the over-ear AirPods Max headphones in December. The pair price is $549 (39,800), the people criticism for it’s high price but at the same appreciate it for it’s material and sound. Apple has recently increase the demand for the product and Apple is still not working on second generation AirPods Max, though the company has teased to bring different color variants in future.

Bloomberg tv also reported that due to its broader home, Audio and accessories strategy, Apple has start working on new Homepod Speaker with built-in screen and device that combine features of HomePod, FaceTime camera and Apple TV. Competition for screen with speakers is already widespread. Apple released a HomePod mini speaker last year and minor update in the Apple TV set-top box was also released last month.

For new AirPods pro, Apple has experimented a small design which eliminate the stems. The new look will arrive with new beats brands wireless Airbuds that is planned to be announced next month.

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