Apple Watch series 7 is teased to come with new design and Flat edges

Apple watch series 7 has teased to come with a new design and flat edges features like iPhone 12 series. The new model has been featured of multiple colors options including greenish color shade. Some renders suggesting the changes in Apple watch series 7 design over the existing models, hinting at what the Cupertino company unveiled sometime later this year. The last redesign was considered in the Apples watch family in September 2018, with start of Apple watch series 4.
Tipster John prosser has shared the details of Apple watch series 7. He told in a video shared on YouTube account he has brought some renders to suggest the design of the Apple watch on the basis of real images and CAD file. The renders are however, created by artist Lan Zelbo.
The big changes that prosser suggest about the Apple watch series 7 is Flat edges. He also suggest that the Apple watch series 7 screen size can be similar with earlier Apple watch series 6. He even tested some smaller bezels and larger display area.
Apple watch series 7 is experimenting with multi colors option. The watch can come in typical greenish color that is expected to be similar to Airpods Max available green color option. Prosser has also said that he did not receive any codename details, leak model can be Apple watch series 8 but not to be series 7. However he also said that considering the recent reports, including the predictions made by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a redesigned Apple watch can come in 2021. Apple is going to launch the Apple watch series 7 in September this year.

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