Author: Professor Stefan Collini

Professor of English Literature and Intellectual History, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge Professor Stefan Collini is the Professor of English Literature and Intellectual History in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on the relationship between literature and intellectual history from the early 20th century to the present. His current research focuses on the cultural role of, and the historical assumptions expressed in, literary criticism in Britain from c.1920 to c.1970. Recent work has dealt with the question of intellectuals in 20th-century Britain, the relation between academic critics and 'men of letters', the role of cultural criticism, as well as individual essays on figures such as T.S. Eliot, F.R. Leavis, George Orwell, Raymond Williams, and Richard Hoggart. He has also done work on the history, and public debates about the role, of universities in Britain.

Facebook launches an afresh app for cloud gamings to Apple

Facebook is to introduce cloud gaming services to iPhones and iPads through a web app. Interestingly, one can add it to his/her home screen. Besides, one can enjoy lucid web games like solitaire and match-three and stream more graphics-intensive titles like racing games. Indeed, it’s a mesmerizing step not just with Facebook. But with other […]

The Voice chooses six candidates for the final

Six candidates will confront each other next week in the final. “The Voice” chose six candidates who will contest the final next week. Indeed, “The voice” fabricated it easily. The evening was marked with several technical incidents. The Voice chooses six candidates for the final: The energetic candidate, every year, mostly amateurs, provide their services […]

Racism is embedded in our industry says, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

In our industry, not nepotism but racism is the biggest problem. I confronted rejection for many years because of my complexion. “I have always fought against this racism.” Said by Nawaz ud din Siddique in his interview. Racism is embedded in our industry says, Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Moreover, he had nominated for Emmy awards for best […]

DogeCoin resisting power makes it the best to invest

Currently, the crypto market is trading in a sound environment. Passing through a severe economic downturn, the market collapsed and many investors confronted a huge loss. However, recently the digital market attracts afresh investors. DogeCoin resisting power makes it the best to invest: Moreover, DogeCoin, which holds the third rank in the market, resists hard […]

Digital Industry Group sets up subcommittee about disinformation

The Digital Industry Group (DIGI), an industry group that includes Australian subsidiaries such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, has set up a subcommittee. The subcommittee will make decisions on the 11th on complaints about disinformation. Digital Industry Group sets up subcommittee about disinformation: Moreover, the Australian Government said yesterday, that it is considering a wide […]

Britney Spears receives a stunning gift from Sam Asghari

Every intimacy is a two-way process. It depends on both sides that how much love is sharing in-between. There are many ways to share one’s love with a partner such as: exchanging gifts, respect, care, and so on. However, the most important is giving respect to your loved ones. It shows your deep love for […]

Bitcoin shows excellence by maintaining its firm position

The crown head of the digital market is still on the top as usual. In fact, this note is going to unveil the current position of Bitcoin in the digital market. Maintaining the first rank amid slumped market and increasing its price worth is not a task of small coins. Bitcoin shows its excellence by […]

Noble prize winner for peace 2021_Maria and Dmitry

The Nobel prize is one of the prestigious prizes in the world. However, it is not that easy to get hold of it. Sometimes, even the most highlighted figures didn’t reach this influential state. Only a few have made access to this glory of life. Noble prize winner for peace 2021_Maria and Dmitry: Announcement of […]

Google launched Android 12 codenamed ‘Snowcone’

Android 12 is codenamed as ‘Snow Cone’, a Google supervisor revealed on Twitter. The trend of giving viand names to new Android renditions is not new as Google used titles similar to Ice Cream Sandwich. Google launched Android 12 codenamed ‘Snowcone’: Moreover, Marshmallow, and Nougat in the yore. Notwithstanding, that custom was changed with the […]

Adele Blue brings out her afresh album on October 15

A new album is to hit the entertainment world nearby. In fact, flabbergasted news for music lovers. As its obvious, that music nourishes souls and touches our introspections. It feeds one’s emotions and pushes him/her to a utopian state. Once one kicks off listening to songs, it grabs him out of the physical world. Such […]

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