Bitcoin shows excellence by maintaining its firm position

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The crown head of the digital market is still on the top as usual. In fact, this note is going to unveil the current position of Bitcoin in the digital market. Maintaining the first rank amid slumped market and increasing its price worth is not a task of small coins. Bitcoin shows its excellence by maintaining its firm position:

Indeed, the market is currently in the safe zone and prices are surging. Even the low-ranked coins reach the highest level. Thus, how can Bitcoin lose the battle? It too increases its price worth and always proves to be one of the best coins.

Further, the coin is currently trading at $55,021.13. Comparing to the last 24 hours the coin has moved up by 0.4%. However, a few weeks ago, Bitcoin too was struggling hard with a bearish market. But its strength is far greater than other coins, due to which its downfall is challenging. Bitcoin shows its excellence by maintaining its firm position:

In addition to that, the high recorded price is $55,426.99, while the low recorded price is $53,909.02, in the last 24 hours. Almost 0.4 percent rise in the price of the coin based on the last twenty-four hours.

Moreover, just back on 4 Oct, the coin was trading with $47,753.57 at 17:04:54. Which increased much after two days and on 6th October, it hit $55,010.99. So, the analysis based on the last seven days proves that the coin has move 14.4% up. Verily, it’s going well, and currently, it’s in full swing.

Additionally, bitcoin is one of the well-known coins in the market. It has got numerous investors and its network is spreading on a large scale daily. Some investors have invested billions and that’s the only reason behind Shiba’s stable position in the market.

To sum up, comparing to other coins, bitcoin has the ability to resist the slumped market. Which is one of the best qualities of a top-ranking coin. Even, Bitcoin has proved several times that it can run with the bearish market and can regain its position.

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