Google is bringing some changes in the Naming Policies

Google play is trying to bring some changes in the Google play store to improve the quality and discovery of new apps. For a better quality apps Google is imposing some restrictions on those apps that have same name in the play store or have spam apps or have emojis in their name. There are several clone apps in the Google play store which confuse the Android users to identify the real ones. Google is bringing changes in the naming policy on Google play store and these changes will be applied at the end of the 2021.

Google play store is listing the downloads of in-app or in-game on behalf that the users will see the experience about the game or the app. The new changing policy is bringing restrictions on the app metadata and store listing preview assets. The Google app title will be only of 30 words, and restrictions on those words that imply performance and promotions in the icon, title and developer name. Google is also imposing restrictions on those app icons which confuse the users.

For example, an app cannot use any type of graphics or text that is use to promote deals or incentive deals or any other purpose that mislead the users. Google is also making restrictions on uses of capitalized fonts unless the app has capitalized name. Uses of irrelevant apps, different characters and emoticons and emojis are also banned. If an app dosen’t  follow the Google rules and regulations so that app cannot go on the Google play store.

Google is providing listing preview of the features of app, graphics, screenshots, videos and short description that showcase the developers app features. Developers has to follow the Google policies and provide specific and relevant information about the app or game, aware the users about the app to install it or not, should focus on providing an app or game meaningful information that users can read it easily and understand it quickly. Google further told that those apps or games that did not meet the Google principles should not flow on the Google play store surface. Company said at the end of 2021 developers will use the new policies.

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