Harvey Weinstein negates Angelina Jolie’s imputations

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Angelina Jolie’s imputation turned futile by Harvey Weinstein. She recently made some imputations that Harvey had assaulted her when she was just 21. Further, she claimed that I was unripe at the time when Harvey made an attempt to harass me. In fact, Harvey’s intentions were not good for me. He was truly involved in an assault situation. Harvey Weinstein negates Angelina Jolie’s imputations:

Owning to such firm imputation of Angelina Jolie, Harvey left no stone unturned to defend himself. He tried his level to negate Jolie’s assertions. Moreover, Haley stranded out his personal assistant to clarify the matter. Hayley’s assistant added that Haley has not even made a solo attempt. These are baseless imputations.

Moreover, Haley called her a stupid and mannerless woman. He added, that almost every second guy is interested in Angelina Jolie. So does it portray that they are all harassing her? The fact is not what she claims, but she wants folks’ attention. She is just making castles in the air. Harvey Weinstein negates Angelina Jolie’s imputations:

Hayley’s assistant comments on the issue

Additionally, Haley’s assistant added, that it’s all drama. Nothing is true and factual. It’s a self-made tragedy just to seek sympathy in others. The purpose is to get public attention and inclines more buyers for her book. She wants to earn money and be compatible with her life. For getting more fame and stable life, she has constructed a self-made story.

Besides, the assistant added, that once again I am revising my statements: Most of the guys are fascinated by Angelina, so do they all assault her? Hence, nothing is true in her words. Angelina’s words are futile and baseless.

Interestingly, Angelina put forth some warm comments that Haley has in fact made an attempt. In bygone days, Haley had made an approach to harass me. That was a serious advancement for me.

But on the other side, Haley negates such statements and calls himself innocent. Angelina wants to prove him guilty. No, it’s more controversial. According to Haley, she wants to get attention and fame. Harvey Weinstein rubbishes Angelina Jolie’s sexual assault claim:

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