Hollywood’s biased behavior towards Muslims

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Riz Ahmed, a Pakistani British has recently made some blatant and brazen statements against Hollywood. Ahmed unveiled the biased behavior of Hollywood towards Muslims. Besides, he added, that Muslims, working in Hollywood is not getting the approach attention. Hollywood’s biased behavior towards Muslims:

The problems are turning catastrophic and in fact, adversities are looming. There is no hope that they will alter their deep-seated evil nature with Muslims. Even, Ahmed declared that Muslims are getting minor and pity roles. All the assigned roles are unworthy and this is something evil.

American sniper by Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has directed the movie “American sniper”, in which a Muslim child is killed in the Iraq war. This scene has been criticized in a comment by Ahmed. He has stressed in the comment section that this is something nonsense and cruel. In addition to that, he added, that they present Muslims as terrorists. However, it’s not a fact and the reality is something else. Hollywood’s biased behavior towards Muslims:

“Currently, movies are outdated and racist.” Said by Ahmed. Interestingly, Ahmed has co-written a film “Mogul Mowgli” about a British Pakistani singer. This movie is similar to Ahmed’s life. It gives an insight into Ahmed’s personal life.

The character right there in the movie holds the name “Zaheer”. However, Hollywood altered this name to Zed. This is something dramatic and bewildering. Why did they change the name and why are they doing so? This shows that even Muslims’ names are not allowed. Because there is nothing else than that. Hollywood’s behavior with Muslims is not appropriate and they are suffering right there. EFT has added into the worth of Bitcoin and how long Bitcoin will race ahead?:

They get roles but only minor and unworthy roles. Such heroic actions are only for white people. In fact, these are some harsh treatments from Hollywood.

“This isn’t my task only, and I am not for this to change it alone. I can only give insight and want to empower you all. This is an objective matter. You all need to settle it and to display it on big screens.” In Hollywood, Muslims are either invisible or we’re villainised: Riz Ahmed:

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