IOS15 and IPad OS15 will come with latest features, Notification update and redesigned Home screen

In the new software update, the new Iphone and Ipad will get the latest notification update that user can handle the notification panel and Ipad will get the home screen update and lockscreen update and will also get the privacy protection for its devices. The development changes are planned to include in IOS15 and IPad OS15 in the software update for the upcoming new Iphones and IPads. The Cupertino California-based technology will announce the release of software update with code named Sky as it’s upcoming World Wide Conference in June 7. Apple is trying to release the software update for their devices to connect users with their Ecosystem. They are trying to Sell more devices and encourage the software developer to make better apps for their users.

Apple is typically release the software update at the September with the launch of new Iphone models. Apple could still choose to alter features or delay it to next update. In the new update, new notification features has been added for example the phone will make sound or not depending on their current status. The new feature will come in the form of new menu style that let the user to choose mode, driving mode, sleeping mode and working mode. That’s all will be in the new Iphone and Ipad models and will be shown in the control center and in lockscreen.

There is also added the “auto reply” feature in the new software update that will improve the current auto reply feature and will be available only in driving mode. More features like Do not Disturb and Sleep mode has also added.

For Ipad, the new Ipad Pro models will also see the software changes. The company is planning the most significant update in the earlier devices home screen since the first launching product in 2010. New gadgets has been added in the Home screen that allow the user to set the weather, upcoming appointment and stock tickers to become more easy. In the Apple new models, the privacy protection feature has also been added that allow the user to check which apps are silently collecting their data. As the Apple is focusing more in the Apple’s privacy, thousands of apps are identified that has tracker that collects their user data and share like phone number and location. New features are designed to cut down on that. Apple is also planning on more updates to Mac OS.

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