Realme Watch 2 with 12 day battery life, Heart rate monitor launched

The new Realme Watch 2 was launched in Malaysia on this Friday. The previous model of the Realme watch that was launched in India has the same squarish dial. The new Realme Watch 2 has the 12 days battery life and 90 modes of sports. The new Realme Watch also works as a control center including Realme Buds air, Realme Buds Q, light Bulb, Bluetooth speaker. The new device has the ability to track the heart rate and check SpO2 level.

The Realme Watch 2 comes in a price of MY 299 (4,100) in Malaysia. Realme says that Realme Watch in black color will be soon available in the market of Malaysia but there is no information about availability of the watch in other markets.

The Realme Watch 2 has a square dial in which 1.4 inch of display with 320×320 Resolution. Realme says that the Watch has live face watch and customizable face watch need OTA update which should be released in future. The new Realme Watch comes with 90 Sports mode, basket ball mode, boxing mode, golf mode, indoor cycling, outdoor running, table tennis and yoga mode.

The Realme Watch 2 has battery of 315mAh which runs the watch up-to 12 days on a single charge. The Realme Watch 2 comes with magnetic charger. The new Realme Watch control the IOT devices like smart lights, ACs, Bluetooth speakers, Realme Air Buds, Realme Buds Q series. The Realme Watch comes with IP68 rating for dust and water resistance but the company said that this watch cannot be use in swimming or taking shower.

The Smart watch comes with upgrade professional level PPG sensor that monitors the heart beat of the user continuously, Realme also said that if the heart beat of the user become’s high the smart watch will send an alert to the user. In additional features the smart watch comes with sleep monitor. In Realme watch 2 there is hydration reminder, camera control and Mediation assistant features. In connectivity options there is Bluetooth V5 and runs on Android 5.0(upper versions) and IOS11 (upper versions).

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