Samsung place 1st position in the Global market (sale, growth, share)

The market research firm analyst told in a report that global smartphone shipment increased on the first quarter of the year 2021. Samsung has the got the 1st position in the global market share, Apple is on the 2nd position and Chinese technology phones Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo has got the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions. Analyst also told that most brands have deprioritised the shipment in India due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and focus on shipment towards Europe instead of India.

Analyst told in a report that the first quarter of the year 2021, smartphones shipment globally has reached up-to $347 millions. Samsung was the first largest seller with $76.5 million’s unit in the global smartphone market which has achieved 22% of market share in the last year. Apple had sold $52.4 million’s of its units and achieved 15% of market shares. Analyst told in a report that Apple has achieved the 2nd position due to the better performance of the Iphone 12 models and demand of the old iphone 11 in the market.

In a report, Xiaomi has made its first quarter performance, shipment of $49 million’s unit with 14% market growth and 62% of market share increase, that’s all possible due to Xiaomi previous models MI11 ultra and MI MIX Fold. Xiaomi is now focusing on hiring the local talent, making channels friendly and moving towards the success. The Analyst manager ‘Ben Steten’ stat that Xiaomi offering and giving opportunity to the distributors to make money than rival brands.

On the fourth number OPPO with 11 percent of market share with $37.6 million’s unit sale and Vivo on the fifth number with 10 percent of market share with $36 million’s unit sale. In this list Huawei has achieved its position on 7th due to America sanctions with sale of $18.6 million units.

In the first quarter of 2021 LG will get exit from the smartphone business. Analyst reporter ‘Sanam chaurassiya’ said development was a sign in the new era in the smartphone market. It’s also prove that agressive pricing and channel strategy is more important than the hardware pricing in this modern day. Regions like Europe that is recovering from Covid-19 were the driver of the shipment in Q1 2021, regions like India in pandemic is deprioritised by some brands.

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