Simone Biles halts Olympic journey


Simone while giving interview:

Veteran American athlete cut off her drive, owning to nervousness. One of the American gymnasts Simone Biles abandoned her Olympic journey as she felt mental agitation whilst competing with her rivals amid final. On Tuesday, Simone unveiled her mental illness while fighting hard in the final against a Russian athlete. Moreover, Simone woefully uttered her harsh situations in an interview following her defeat in the final. Simone Biles halts Olympic journey:

Further, Simone Biles said that “I cannot continue my journey while fighting hard with mental illness”. If I do so, I wouldn’t lay hold of a remarkable future. I have to cope with it soon by stepping back from the games’

Additionally, Simone Biles disclosed sadness by adding such words, ‘it is bad when one is fighting back with his/her mental agitation’
Owning to Simone’s words, we can nourish our minds that how mental health matters in one’s stable life. Simone Biles halts Olympic journey:

Despite, one another athlete Naomi Osaka too had unveiled her mental instability due to which she discontinued her journey.

Furthermore, the Russian Olympic committee triumphs the game following Simone dispatched from the final. Simone fought eagerly at the beginning of the game but lost her motion as she proceeded further.

In addition, Simone snatched a silver medal for the USA and Great Britain laid hold of the Bronze.

After Biles’ stepped back, USA Gymnastics said “Simone Biles has stepped back from the team final competition due to a medical issue. She will be assessed daily to determine medical clearance for future competitions. Thinking of you, Simone!”

Remarkable massage for the world

“In a nutshell, Simone took a zealous start as she has always done much for her country and has made the USA proud”. Unluckily, this time she confronted some mental trauma that hit her hard while displaying her hidden skills. This traumatic situation restraint Simone from her tremendous Olympic journey. Though Simon quit her journey but left a wonderful message around the world. She thought us how mental and physical health matters in one’s sound and healthy life.

Let’s see how the USA is going to cope with such a great loss in the upcoming matches. ‘I have to focus on my mental health,’ says Simone Biles after withdrawing from gold medal event:

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