Sony WF-1000 XM4 True Wireless Stereo expected Price and Specifications

It is possible that Sony may launch the latest Sony WF-1000 XM4 true wireless stereo (TWS) earphone in 2021. It is expected that latest true wireless headset of Japanese Electronics Conglomerates is one of the premium and features-filled earphone yet and a new leaked promo video reveals the feature that is expected to come with the new earphones. Apart from Active noise cancellation and Google assistant, that were present in the Sony WF-1000 XM3, the new Sony WF-1000XM4 is going to come with the new design and some latest features like Wireless charging and speak-to-chat as shown in the video.

Sparrow news leak a video on its YouTube channel of Sony WF-1000 XM4 which earlier leaked Sony Audio product promo videos including that of Sony WF-1000 XM4 earphone. In new promo videos it shows Sony WF-1000 XM4 earphone design and revealed some of it’s specifications. The Sony WF-1000 XM4 earphone confirm the presence of the latest features of Active noise cancellation, Wireless charging and speak-to-chat.

It is expected that Sony WF-1000 XM4 comes with some upgrades and big changes from Sony WF-1000 XM3 that was launched in India 2020 at the price range of Rs. 19,999. The new earphone are small in size but maintain core features and specifications and few add new ones. These features include Wireless charging, a famous feature seen on TWS headsets, speak-to-chat feature that was introduced in Sony WF-1000 XM4 2020.

V1 integrated processor is one of it’s features that are shown in promo video that replaces WF-1000 XM3 processor, adaptive sound controller, IPX4 water resistance and provide 8 hours of battery backup on earpiece which claimed a total of 24 hours battery life with charging case. According to video, Earphone will support Sony’s 360 Reality Audio sound format. Sony WF-1000 XM4 will compete the premium True wireless segments including Apple AirPods Pro, Samsung Galaxy buds Pro and Jabra Elite 85t. The Sony price may be similar to WF-1000 XM3 of around 20,000 in India, in order to compete against Samsung and Jabra that are priced under 20,000.

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