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Media representation based on ideology

In the world, there are so many humans. Everyone holds different conceptions and beliefs about everything in the world around them. This distinction of ideas and concepts is called ideology. Which is in fact a set of beliefs, notions, or ideas. Media representation based on ideology: Some highlighted ideologies Moreover, every individual has a political, […]

Facebook launches an afresh app for cloud gamings to Apple

Facebook is to introduce cloud gaming services to iPhones and iPads through a web app. Interestingly, one can add it to his/her home screen. Besides, one can enjoy lucid web games like solitaire and match-three and stream more graphics-intensive titles like racing games. Indeed, it’s a mesmerizing step not just with Facebook. But with other […]

Google launched Android 12 codenamed ‘Snowcone’

Android 12 is codenamed as ‘Snow Cone’, a Google supervisor revealed on Twitter. The trend of giving viand names to new Android renditions is not new as Google used titles similar to Ice Cream Sandwich. Google launched Android 12 codenamed ‘Snowcone’: Moreover, Marshmallow, and Nougat in the yore. Notwithstanding, that custom was changed with the […]

Xiaomi Civi launched in China with Snap 778G SoC

Xiaomi Civi smartphone was launched in China last week with a 6.55- inch full-HD display and Snapdragon 778G SoC under the hood. Now, a new Xiaomi smartphone with model number 2109119BC has been spotted on TENAA. With some matching specifications as the vanilla Xiaomi Civi. The new handset is supposed to be dubbed Xiaomi Civi Pro. The device listed shows a6.55- inch OLED screen and a mAh battery. It should be noted that Xiaomi itself has not partook any information about the launch or details about Xiaomi Civi Pro. Xiaomi Civi launched in China with Snap 778G SoC: A new Xiaomi phone […]

Whatsapp banned more than 2 million accounts in India

WhatsApp banned over 2 million accounts in the month of August to regulate abuse and preclude nocuous demeanor on the platform. The rearmost translucence report from WhatsApp was published to restrain with the new Information Technology ( Mid Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code). Rules 2021, reveals that it banned total accounts in one month. […]

Augmented reality in advertising

The game is the same as you see, but the advertising on the billboards is alter. Since long, viewers of sports broadcasts have become addicted to advertising around the game along the line. Every game of the world including soccer and basketball. However, what we perceive in the ground is altogether different, because it varies […]

Windows 11 rolls out on October 5

Windows beyond an operating system Microsoft to launch the latest version ‘Windows 11’ nearby. The latest version is going to entertain PC owners because it will advance features. However, these advanced features will help one making access to numerous areas. Henceforth, the new window is to launch next month in October. The due date is […]

Facebook Launches digital wallet

Interestingly, technology is getting advance and this time something outstanding has been added. Facebook, one of the highlighted social app, will launch a digital wallet. This particular wallet will keep cryptocurrencies. In fact, it will be an amazing addition to the technological world. Facebook Launches digital wallet: However, in 2009, Facebook was read to launch […]

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